Aqitec brings innovation

We care about our environment. In each of our projects we bring people, nature, science and aesthetics together. Let’s drive the change and invite the world to accompany us. Welcome the future.


Special dredging equipment


Tensile tester | product of aqitec

Foody Vertical Gardens

Hydroponic system | product development

Measurement buoys

Online monitoring | product of aqitec

Composite wind turbine tower

Jules Dock Development | project management

Ateca Watercare & Services

Ionisation water treatment system | engineering


Composite design for Ranmarine | engineering


Autonomous vehicle

How to get from idea to product?

Aqitec is a development company specialized in integrated product development. We combine engineering, industrial design, hydrodynamics and/or electronics when developing the optimum product. We make the prototypes and first series of the product.

Our designs are both intelligent and simple.

Aqitec can help you with small product improvements or manage multidisciplinary development projects.

Our expertise

Industrial design and mechanical engineering

Marine engineering

Computer-aided engineering, CAD

Smart sensoring, IoT

Plastics, metals, composites, and 3D print

Prototyping and production

Clients and partners

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