A sustainable alternative

Aqitec provides a dredging solution based on continuous autonomously operating robotic dredgers that drive on the bottom of waters. The Robodredger is basically a pump-on-wheels. The Robodredger can be mobilised easily with a minimum impact on the environment. Continuous monitoring of water quality and localisation of sludge allows for just-in-time or continuous dredging. Continuous dredging will improve water quality, will have a low impact on ecology and can reduce costs for dredging challenging locations as well as large maintenance dredging projects.

Instead of a big dredging campaign every so many years, a robotic dredging system can work all year long at a slow pace.

Modular solution

The robotic dredging system is modular. A selection of interchangeable add-ons is available for dredging sludge or more consolidated material: the sediment can be agitated with a cutter, water injection or plow. Dredged material can be transported to a dewatering unit or system, flow field, truck or hopper.

Advantages of robotic dredging

  • Electric drive, 0-emission
  • Water lubricated
  • High precision
  • Quick mobilisation
  • No floating platform
  • Silent and out of sight
  • Scalable equipment

Operating area

For small scaled dredging works the Robodredger is the choice of equipment. For dredging tanks, water inlets, tunnels, locks and under bridges and decks. Launched from a truck or trailer, the Robodredger is easily put into action.

robodredger bottom

Play Robodredger | The Game

Get to know the concept behind the Robodredger.


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